I’ve been told my text is too small. I went back and edited the pages to increase the font size as much as the word bubbles would allow. I also made Gina’s snarky comment on page 4 bigger so it’s actually legible now. The cast page was updated to add Gina’s profile.

It’s a bit short notice, but I MAY be attending Fallcon this weekend. If not as a guest, I’ll at least show up to hang out with Lemmo at his table for a while. He just reminded me about it today, so I didn’t register or anything. Hopefully I’m not too sick this weekend. I’ve got another sore throat, and the last time that happened I got an ear infection and my ear canal swelled so much I couldn’t hear anything in my right ear. For two weeks. That sucked. So if you meet me at Fallcon and I ignore you, it’s probably because I can’t hear you!