Greetings, new readers! (Also, hello to all of you loyal readers! You guys keep me going!)

Welcome to Northwind, the comic about two idiots who got into a lot of trouble and got banished to Earth. We currently update every Tuesday, but there will be a special bonus update on Friday, January 7th!

I recently updated WordPress and Comicpress, but wasn’t very smart about it. Some problems got fixed, but then changes I had made to the stylesheet and the tracking code got overwritten. Next time I’ll be sure to make backups before upgrading anything. If anyone finds problems with the site, please let me know.

A links section has been added, but currently there are only two banners for NW in there. I plan on having an archives page, but I haven’t figured out how to do that with wordpress. I’d like to have something that updates automatically. My coding skills are at the 1990’s geocities html level (haha). Comicpress and its automatic-updating is like magic to me. My old comic was all html and manually updated each time. That was a pain in the butt.