I’ve finally recovered fully! The fever lasted a whole week. Hopefully I’ll stay healthy for more than 3 days this time. (I had two really bad colds within the last month and a half.) It’s really nice to be able to be standing for more than a few minutes without being totally exhausted. My skin has also gone back to its normal color. Be careful not to take too much Tylenol, kids! It’ll hurt your liver and make you turn yellow! It’s weeeiiiird. I’ve been told next time to alternate Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

The next comic is almost ready, but I won’t be posting it until the 3rd. I’ll be working late at the day job to make up the time I missed being sick. Doing this will give me some extra time to draw the following comic.

Since I don’t like posting nothing on Tuesdays, here are a couple of Minecraft skins I made a while back. I’m currently using the Iax one.