Because I’m antsy as hell, I launched my Patreon last night. I learned a lot about how it works while I was setting it up. For as little as $1 a month, you can gain access to exclusive content, and also help me recoup the cost of creating the comic! It also let’s me know how many of you guys are out there reading and enjoying the comic, especially if you’ve never left a comment on the site. (As far as I know, there are maybe a dozen people who visit the site regularly? And on purpose? I don’t know!)

I’ll put together a fancy button for the site when I get home tonight, but for now here’s a link to my Patreon page.

If you become a Patron right now, you get a super special secret sneak peek at comic #88 (with no colors) before official updates resume!

I should also mention that both Lemmo and Aja have Patreons, too!