Two more weeks until updates resume! (Well, two weeks and three days.) I’m still working on the buffer to ensure there will be no missed updates. I’m currently working on the pencils for #99. That’s one away from triple digits. Holy moly. I have finalized scripts through #131, and then 10 text pages of outlines for future plot.

I made a big breakthrough plot-wise last night. I’ve been struggling to make the story cohesive since the original plot was conceived by one person five years ago, I recently integrated elements from another story I was writing with another person, and things that had originally wrote stopped making sense with how the story was evolving. Things that I thought I’d just figure out “later” were quickly becoming more imminent. It’s like assembling a lego set without instructions, then someone dumps another set’s pieces in your lap. Right now my starship has has drawbridge and a dragon but it’s shaping out to be pretty sweet.