Hey guys! I’m going to take a little time to write about some friends of mine. Because I can.

First up is the guy who made this comic possible at all. Without him, I would have never met my husband, and without my husband I wouldn’t have my adorable son. I owe a lot to this guy. You may know him as the Internet’s Hot Soup, or Lemmo. Today he put up new goals to his Patreon, one of which is the revival of Blank It. You want more Blank It?? (I do.) Throw him a buck a month! I’m sure that there are enough fans out there that we can reach that goal!

Next is the wonderful Aja. I don’t know how she’s able to make my comics look so good. Seriously. I’m going full cornball mode in saying it must be ~True Magic~. Honestly, she’s such talented and wonderful person. I’m so very grateful for her support, with the comic and as a friend. She also has a Patreon! Please check it out!

Last but not least is my buddy Zack. He’s an all-around great guy and super talented artist. He draws a comic called Unlife! He also has a Patreon. Please check out his stuff!

I’d also like to thank my wonderful readers, especially the ones that stuck with me through my extended hiatus. Your support means so much to me! And thanks to Mom (hi, Mom!), Dad, and Clint for encouraging me to do my thing. Love you guys.

tldr; Thank you, everyone! All of you help make Northwind possible.