I really don’t post here enough. Last post was, uh…. ten months ago. Wow.

What’s going on with y’all? I’ve got a kiddo in preschool, I’ve been going to therapy for nearly a year now (mental health is very important, yo), and I’m still drawing this comic about the wacky hijinks of supernatural beings. We’ve seen the appearance of several new characters, one recently that you may recognize from my first webcomic that might be… older than some of you… =_= Or at very least you’ll recognize him from War of the Webcomics.

Anywho. I’m currently drawing a storyline that’s actually older than my first comic. Back when Lemmo and I were brainstorming Northwind, I insisted that the story of Max and Jenny be included. Several years later, here we are. It’s slightly different from the original short story concept. Such is the way with stories that are old enough to drive.

Please enjoy this picture my son drew of himself as a rainbow.