Everything’s different oh god what happened. I finally got sick of the comic navigation being off-center so I added some widgets to the left of the comic to balance things out. Now on the left is the link to my Patreon and two new widgets. Characters shows who is in the comic. If you’re on a computer, hovering over one will bring up info on each character. Otherwise, clicking will bring you to their (kind of ugly) archive page. Pretty neat. And a little quirky. I had to clear my cache before the images would appear, even on my phone. I haven’t had a chance to add a blurb on each yet, but soon. The second addition is some fast navigation now that the comic is split into chapters. First drop down will switch between chapters and the second to specific pages in each chapter. Of course, the archive page still exists (and was revamped a few weeks ago). Last but not least is a bookmark widget below the comic and above the navigation. Now that there are over 200 pages, anyone reading through the archives might want to save their place when they come back again. The twitter feed has been moved to the right of the comic. I hope I haven’t thrown anybody off too much with these changes, haha.