Mollu (aka Molly Hayden) is a princess from a faraway land in the North. She loves drawing comics and sharing them with others. Her first webcomic was Amuse Me!, for which she was the artist. Her second project was Jack of All Trades, which she co-wrote and drew. Mollu is the artist/writer for Northwind.


Lemmo (aka Lemuel Pew) is a good friend of Mollu who helped create Northwind. He has been drawing comics for over a decade. His comic projects include Winter, Lethal Doses, and he is currently the artist for Blank It. You may also recognize his previous work for the Pure Pwnage comic, and as an artist for the Daily Victim on GameSpy.

Aja (aka Vanilleon) is a mild-mannered swashbuckler and colorist for Northwind. She also writes and draws her own comic, True Magic, with the help of her faithful co-author D. When she isn’t making comics, you can find her reading fantasy stories, reading about writing stories, playing at game design, and frolicking on deviantART.


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